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Education Programs

Education Programs to complement Homeschool Education

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Ages 4-6

Program: Half day Montessori preschool program

Status: On hiatus

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Ages 6-12

Program: 1 Full day Montessori inspired enrichment program 

Status: Offered Fall 2023



Ages 12-18

Program: 2-3 Days Highschool enrichment program

Status: In development

2023-2024 Program Offerings

Application Process

1. Contact the school to obtain an Application form and submit completed Application form and fee.

2. Schedule an interview and school visit with the Director. Upon completion of the interview, acceptance may be offered into the school.

3. Upon acceptance, complete the Enrollment form and submit Tuition fees.  

Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

Elementary Enrichment Program

Fall, Winter, and Spring Sessions

A 1-day a week enrichment program for elementary students ages 6-12. The program offers Montessori Language, Math, Science, Geography, and CGS, with Charlotte Mason inspired artist study, and handicrafts, along with Classical literature, composition, and performing arts.

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